Q & A

What is the potential income of a job like this?

That's a great question. In most typical roof sales positions, you are limited to selling just roofing and sometimes only through insurance. We saw that was too limiting and wanted to create ways for our sales team to have a product or service for every customer.

Between roof sales, Roof Rejuvenation, repairs, commercial maintenance programs, and general construction/remodeling, it would be difficult to make less than 6 figures if you follow the systems and processes taught!

Do you offer insurance?

Yes! we offer insurance after 90 days!

Will you give me leads?

We get a steady flow of leads from both online submissions to our website and phone calls to our office. Those leads are given out to our performers. Our sales team must show that they can handle their own leads before we will trust that they will take care of the leads coming in through the office.

Do I have to get on roofs?

It's kind of hard to sell someone a roof if you don't get on top of theirs haha. Yes, we do expect you to get onto the roofs. There are special circumstances that will allow for the use of a drone, but most of the time, you will be equipped with the know how and have access to the proper safety equipment to safely navigate the slopes of your customers roof!